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ADT: #1 in Home Security Since 1874

ADT has been around since 1874, providing an affordable way to help keep families and their homes safe and secure. ADT offers the experience, knowledge, and understanding you need in a home security company to help protect your family. With the added ADT benefit of having four interconnected monitoring centers located across the country, ensuring fast alarm response in Waco TX, and continued advances in home security equipment, you will be prepared to help protect your family from any emergency. Home Security in San Antonio is the answer to real home safety.

What Can ADT Offer You?

?I shopped around and found that ADT had the best offers.'
' Aaron Wilder, Waco TX

Fast Alarm Response
ADT will quickly respond to any emergency if an alarm ever goes off in your Waco TX home. An ADT trained professional dispatcher from one of the four monitoring centers will contact local authorities for the Waco area to let them know that you need help. Compared to calling 911, the response times can be much faster when you own an ADT monitored home security system. Do you have Home Security in Tomball?

Easy-to-Use Home Security System
ADT provides advanced security that is simple and easy to use. You can easily arm and disarm your home security system with a convenient keychain remote. Local installers provide professional installation so you won't have to worry about setting up the equipment. ADT offers simple security systems that provide practicality and security. Have you thought about helping protect your love ones with Home Security in Victoria? Do you know how Home Security in Corpus Christi can help you?

Low Monthly Monitoring Rates
With ADT, for around a $1 per day, you can monitor your entire home. You may also be able to save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance. ADT monitoring starts as low as $36.99 per month depending on which pricing option you choose. ADT also costs less than the $40-$50 per month you'll spend on taking care of your family watchdog!

24-Hour Monitoring by ADT's Trained Professionals
ADT's highly trained safety-certified dispatchers are available 24/7 at each of ADT's four interconnected monitoring centers, to help handle any emergency that may take place in your home. ADT is the number 1 name in home security when it comes to helping protect you and your family. Home Security in Round Rock helps prevent crime at home.

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